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PSR's Second Season

Philmont Scout Ranch - Adventure Programs

Adventure Programs will be primarily conducted during the months of late August through early May.

Autumn Adventure

The Autumn Adventure program will be conducted during September and October in Philmont's Backcountry. These treks can vary in length depending on the group and will be accompanied by an Autumn Adventure Guide. The crews may be traditional youth/adult crews or all adult.

  • Autumn Adventure - Leave No Trace Master Educator Program - A special trek will be conducted during Autumn Adventure to provide training for volunteer Scouters in Leave No Trace. Participants will be eligible to achieve the Master Educator Training. For more information go to or Click Here

  • Council Fly Fishing Activities - Councils who would like to bring a team of key volunteers can conduct a Council Fly Fishing event at Ponil or Zastrow. These programs will have the support of the Autumn Adventure staff and will be accompanied by an Autumn Adventure Guide.

Winter Adventure

The Winter Adventure program will be conducted from late December through March. Crews are made up of youth and adult participants. The program will teach cold weather camping and will allow crews to experience snow camping using quinsy's when conditions will support their construction. Cross country skis and snow shoes will also be utilized. (This program was formally known as Kanik.) For more information go to or Click Here

Sportsman Adventure

The Sportsman Adventure programs will include the hunting programs at Philmont: antelope, elk, mule deer, bear and turkey. The program will seek to connect volunteer Scouters with Philmont's backcountry. The program will also support sound game management practices and will comply with all New Mexico Department of Game and Fish regulations. The principles of the North American Wildlife Conservation Model will be followed. (These hunting programs were formally known as the Nimrod Program.)

  • Annual Fly Fish Invitational- The Annual Fly Fishing Invitational provides an opportunity in early September for a Scout Executive and two-three key volunteers visit the Ranch and enjoy an opportunity to fly fish and to network with Scouters from across the country.

Council Adventure

Council Adventures provide an opportunity for volunteers and professionals to enjoy a Philmont experience. These can be planning retreats, board development conferences, development activities or council activities.

Philmont Adventure

Philmont Adventures will include conferences that are conducted at Philmont for a variety of participants. These activities can be co-sponsored by other groups to achieve a list of stated objectives:

  • Archeology Conference

  • Photography Conference

  • National Camp School

  • Center for Professional Development

  • Conservation Volunteer Workshops