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Bearmuda Triangle

When arriving at Philmont your Ranger will teach your crew how to set-up your campsite using the "Bearmuda Triangle". This method concentrates all activities that might have a smell within a triangle formed by the fire ring, sump and bear cable. Tents are set up outside the triangle and backpacks, dining fly, cooking and dishwashing take place inside the triangle.

The "Bearmuda Triangle" is made up of three areas.

  • Fire Ring & Dinning fly: This is your kitchen, where you prepare, cook and eat all food.
  • Sump: A sump is a pipe that in the ground for all wastewater.
  • Bear Bags: Most campsites at Philmont have cables for hanging bear bags.

Tent Area

  • Tent are setup at least 50 feet or more away from the triangle.
  • Tents are setup randomly, five feet apart.
  • No food or eating in the tent area.
  • No clothing worn during the day or used to cook will be inside the sleeping area.