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Tents must be carried and used while at Philmont. Sudden downpours and gusty winds require appropriate shelter. Every member of your crew should know how to pitch, strike and fold a backpacking tent. Philmont issues the BSA Philmont Backpacker tent. If you bring your own tent it must be a 2-person tent. Philmont will allow a single person tent in the event of an odd numbered crew. (No bivey sacks).

Space for tents in most campsites is limited. Use of two-person tents minimizes the footprint and avoids encroaching on the "Bearmuda" Tringle. Two one-person tents take up nearly twice as much space as one 2-person tent.

It is required that everyone sleep in a tent. The use of tents provides protection from weather and also is part of Philmont's Bear and Wildlife safety practice. No food or smellabies should ever be allowed inside a tent.