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MSR Philmont Thunder Ridge Tent

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MSR Philmont Thunder Ridge Tent

$499.99 $499.99

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Coming to Philmont on a trek?

Need to replace your troop tents?

Just looking for a reliable backpacking tent?

Look no further! The MSR Thunder Ridge was designed by and for Philmont Scout Ranch. Thunder Ridge camp is located just west of Cyphers Mine which is notorious for extreme weather conditions. This tent can stand up to whatever Thunder Ridge camp can throw at it. The development of this tent began in 2011 and was evaluated yearly by Philmont campers, staff, and the MSR tent designers. This information was used to continually develop a tent that can withstand the rigors of the Philmont trails and the harsh use by backpackers over and over again at Philmont. Up until the spring of 2014 the only way to use one of these tents was to pick one up at Outfitting Services to use during a trek. Read more here at MSR's Thunder Ridge blog.

But starting summer 2014, the Thunder Ridge was available to purchase. Get your 2015 version of the Thunder Ridge today! This tent was built to withstand continuous use for 72 days straight by Philmont campers. A highly durable, highly efficient tent, the Thunder Ridge is a force to be reckoned with. Philmont's original Thunder Ridge Tents, introduced in 2012, and still going strong.

•3 season
•2 person
•4 lbs. 14 oz. minimum weight
•5 lbs. 4 oz. packed weight
•33 square feet (88" x 54")
•41" peak height
•Free standing
•Rain fly ventilation
•BEAR-muda Triangle graphic screen-printed inside tent

*Footprint and stakes NOT included

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Beau - Nice!   September 27, 2016

Just used this tent and love it.

Like the other reviewers I feel this tent is expensive compared to other MSR tents listed on the MSR website.

The tent is very easy to set up and seems very durable. This durability allows for choosing not to bring a footprint, although the Philmont staff recommends bringing a footprint because the terrain is tough. I would definitely pack a footprint if I had this tent in Texas.
Philmont by way of Texas

Anonymous -   March 27, 2016

Used one on my 84-mile Philmont trip. Kept me dry in very rainy weather. Lightweight. Easy to take down, carry and set up. Adequate interior space. Single door reduces footprint so large patch of ground not needed. Door on end is nice so both occupants can get in and out without climbing over the other. Thought of buying one but REI Half Dome was $300 less expensive.

Anonymous - to expensive!   September 10, 2015

Sorry MSR, We used one of these on our Philmont trek with lots of rain. It worked great, but it's really hard to recommend at $500 (I thought it was bad at $449 last week, now it's $50 MORE!).

This is way our of range for most scout troops. PLEASE Tooth of time, work with MSR to make this available for a better price! I have to give it 3 stars because of price.